There have been cases where you have not received an email from us after placing an order or making an inquiry. (We reply to your inquiries and send you emails such as "Order Confirmation" and "Shipment Status")

Our e-mail address Please set your e-mail settings so that you can receive our e-mails ().

The following are possible reasons why you may not receive our e-mails.

Your security software recognizes it as spam mail.
 Your mail server (provider) has been set to reject or prevent spam mail.
 Your e-mail software is not receiving the e-mail.
 Maintenance of the mail server.
 Input error of the e-mail address.

There may be other possible reasons.
If you see this information before placing an order, please check your settings and make sure that you are able to receive our e-mails.

*If you receive no e-mail even though you placed an order, or if you do not receive a reply within one week after sending an inquiry e-mail, please contact us at the e-mail address below.