We purchase old coins, paper money, coins, foreign coins, Chinese coins, gold coins, silver coins, gold and silver medals, platinum, stamps, telecards, gift certificates, antiques, orders, etc. at our store.

We offer free on-the-spot assessments to customers who visit our store.

We offer free appraisal of coins, paper money, old coins, stamps, antiques, gift certificates, gold certificates, etc. to customers who visit our store.
(There may be a charge for documentation and other requests.)

We will tell you the purchase price on the spot after the assessment if you consult us at the store.
Please bring your driver's license, health insurance card, etc. as identification when you bring your items.

  • The price and value of old coins, coins, banknotes, and stamps vary greatly depending on the market price and condition at the time.
  • We will purchase rare and valuable items at a high price.
  • There are some items that we cannot purchase, so please inquire by e-mail, fax, or phone before visiting our store.
  • Please note that we do not currently offer appraisal services only.
We basically do not provide information on purchase prices over the phone.

If you contact us by phone, we will generally inform you whether the purchase is possible or not. We often receive inquiries about how much the item would cost in this condition, but we basically do not provide purchase price information over the phone.
We will only give you an answer after we actually see the item.

If you wish to purchase multiple items, please let us know the contents of the items by e-mail or fax.

If you wish to purchase multiple items such as old coins, coins, banknotes, stamps, etc., please let us know the details of the items and we will give you an approximate purchase price. (Individual prices are available at the store.) In
such cases, the purchase price may vary depending on the condition of the item and the time of year when the item is actually purchased

Please note that the condition of coins and banknotes vary and the market price is always subject to change. Please understand this beforehand.

Customers who plan to sell antiques, orders, etc. must make an appointment.

Please make an appointment if you plan to sell antiques, medals, etc.
*The cost of the appraisal (estimate) is free of charge to the general public.

In-store Purchase Procedures
Please bring the item(s) you wish to purchase directly to a Nozaki Coin storefront.
We will evaluate your item on the spot.
Please fill out the required information.
We will take a copy of your ID (driver's license, health insurance card).
We will pay you the purchase price on the spot.

Please note that cancellation is not possible after payment of the purchase price.

You can also contact us by phone or fax.

Inquiry by phone


Inquiry by FAX