For those who are far away or busy, we recommend home delivery purchase. Please leave it to us with peace of mind.

We also purchase coins, old coins, banknotes, stamps, etc. via home delivery.
First of all, please confirm whether or not the product is available for purchase on the Contact Us page, by e-mail, or by fax.


  • Please be sure to send your items to the following address by a delivery method that keeps a record of delivery, such as TA-Q-BIN. We do not accept mail delivered by ordinary mail because of the possibility of misdelivery. (We will not accept any responsibility for items sent by post or other delivery methods.)
  • We will pay for the shipping costs, so please send your order by cash on delivery.
  • We will transfer the money to your bank account after informing you of the estimated amount.
  • There are some documents that need to be enclosed. Please download and fill out the purchase application form and enclose it with your purchase order.
    1. Bank name, branch name, bank account number, and account name (in katakana)
    2. Your address, name, occupation, age, and a contact number where we can reach you during the day (e-mail and phone number)
    3. Description of the item(s)
    4. Preferred method of contact: phone or email
      (*Please provide your phone number if you prefer to be contacted by email)
    5. A copy of your ID, etc.

Shipping address: 251 Nozaki Coin, 2F Nakano Broadway, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan

After the estimate, if the price is not agreed upon, we will return the coins with the shipping fee paid on delivery.

Procedure for home delivery purchase
Please contact us using the purchase application form.
We will inform you of the approximate appraisal value.
Fill out the application form (print out the PDF ) and
send the items you wish to purchase by courier or other delivery method that keeps a record of delivery, postage collect
We will assess the items as soon as possible (within 3 days) after receiving them and
inform you of the purchase price
We will transfer the purchase price to your designated account.
  • Cancellation is not possible after the purchase price has been transferred.
  • If you do not agree with the purchase price, we will send the item back to you by freight collect.
  • Please note that the condition of the packaging and the way the items are laid out will be different from the way you sent them.

Please send us your documents for identification together with the purchase application form.

In the case of coins and banknotes only

A copy of your driver's license, national health insurance card, etc.

When there are other items than coins and banknotes

Certificate of registered matters of residence or a copy or extract of the family register

You can also contact us by phone or fax

Inquiries by phone


Inquiry by FAX